How Does Executive Functioning Affect Writing?

Discover the executive functioning skills required in writing and how we can guide students towards independence.

When it comes to writing, executive functions help us set goals, plan, and organize. It also helps us manage our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors during the writing process. This kind of self-management is known as self-regulation, and it's critical for writing. Many students who struggle in writing have a hard time with the various executive functions that they rely on to create a sentence or multi-paragraph essay. This training takes a deep dive into what exact executive functioning skills are required in writing and how we can support our students in each of these areas when they are given writing assignments to complete.

Intended Audience

  • Special education teachers (transitional kindergarten - high school)
  • School psychologists

Participants Will

  • Explore the various executive functioning skills that are required during the writing process
  • Learn various strategies and accommodations that can support students depending on which executive functioning area they need support in
  • Review a middle school student case study
  • Receive access to a Padlet filled with resources, links, and printouts to support their students in the classroom


Joey Chapman, M.Ed., Education Specialist


Wednesday, October 25, 2023 from 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM


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