Ask-A-Specialist LIVE!

Ask A Specialist Live!

Ask-A-Specialist LIVE! (AASL) is a panel discussion with DCN team members. The goal is to answer your questions about the designated topic and provide specific strategies & information to assist your work in the field.
Please come with questions or scenarios and be ready to engage in conversations with our specialists!

If you would like to suggest a topic or submit a question in advance, please email

For questions,be sure to:

  • include the Date and Topic in the Subject Area
  • leave out any identifying student information (e.g. Name, date of birth, gender, etc.)

We will do our best to prioritize the questions submitted or contact you afterwards if needed.

Dates: (3:30p - 4:30p) Topics
1/17/23 (Tuesday) ADHD, Autism, and Anxiety: Assessment and Supports
2/15/23 Selective Mutism
4/19/23 Gestalt Language Processing and Natural Language Acquisition
5/3/23 Behavior


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