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Assessment Services

Dynamic, Transdisciplinary Process

The Diagnostic Center assessment teams are experts in special education. Each assessment is a carefully planned, dynamic process which is:

  • Highly individualized
  • Guided by a set of educationally relevant diagnostic questions; and
  • Designed to support the local district by providing specialized strategies, research-based interventions, and programming recommendations.

The diagnostic questions, coupled with the student’s profile, guide the planning and implementation as well as the location of the assessment.

Assessment Team

Assessments are provided by expert teams of diagnostic professionals, including educational specialists, speech and language specialists, psychologists, pediatricians, and other specialists.

Assessment in a Variety of Settings

A student may be assessed in the local school, at the Diagnostic Center, or in both environments depending on the issues and the student.

Parents as Partners

Collaboration with parents is a necessary, highly valued, and integral part of the assessment process. Parents assume an active role in the team process through input and interviews with Diagnostic Center assessment staff.

Assessment Process

Assessments may include discussions and interviews, records review, observations, formal and informal evaluations and other measures as appropriate.

Sharing Assessment Results

After completion of the assessment, Diagnostic Center staff meet with parents and LEA staff to share assessment findings including practical teaching strategies and interventions. In addition, the LEA and parents receive a comprehensive written report detailing findings and recommendations.

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