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Consultation & Technical Assistance

The Diagnostic Center offers a variety of technical assistance options to educators, families, and service providers. Technical assistance requests range from questions that can be answered by telephone (510-794-2500), e-mail or site demonstration teaching and video conferencing.

The Diagnostic Center, Northern California's web-based discussion forum "Ask A Specialist" is designed in question format that focuses on the areas of Assistive Technology/Augumentative and Alternative Communication, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behavior, Mental Health, School Related Medical Issues, Culturally Responsive Assessment, and Secondary Issues. Individuals are encouraged to visit the site at and submit a question. Monthly, the questions submitted are collected and reviewed. A question in each topic area is selected and the answer is posted. Previous questions and answers are archived and easily accessible.

Classroom consultation services are available to local educational agencies. These services are provided via site visitations where teachers are provided demonstration teaching techniques, consultation and resource assistance. The classroom consultation model is designed to encourage collaborative planning with all school staff in addressing the classroom program.

Site, District or SELPA teams are invited to consult with Diagnostic Center Specialist. Individual student consultation is especially helpful when a diagnosis is in question, when the IEP team would like assistance with "next steps" in planning individual student programs or to understand the education implications of certain medical and/or mental health conditions. Program development consultations services are also available. These services are available at the Diagnostic Center or via video conferencing. Contact Robin Zane, Director, at (510) 794-2500 for more information.