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Privacy Policy

This privacy statement discloses the privacy practices for the Diagnostic Center Northern California.


In accordance with California Civil Code 1798 et seq., California Government Code 11019.9, and applicable State Administrative Manual (SAM) Information Security provisions (Sections 5300-5399), the Diagnostic Center Northern California (DCN) must enact and maintain a privacy policy.


To affirm our commitment to protect privacy rights, and pursuant to Government Code Section 11019.9, the DCN has established this Privacy Policy.

The DCN is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all of its information assets; and protecting the privacy of our personnel, students and residents of the State of California, in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Our Privacy Principles

  • We are responsible for maintaining clear responsibilities for the protection of privacy and maintain a Privacy Coordinator, dedicated to managing an information privacy program.
  • We collect personally identifiable information, by lawful means, and only use and retain information which is relevant and necessary.
  • We disclose the personally identifiable information we collect and how we use this information, in advance, to help carry out legitimate business tasks which are consistent with purposes previously specified.
  • We strive to ensure the accuracy of information.
  • We have implemented procedures for reviewing and correcting the personally identifiable information we collect.
  • We appropriately restrict access to personally identifiable information.
  • We have established an Information Security Policy to ensure private, confidential, and/or sensitive information is protected and safeguarded.
  • We use general monitoring of employee activities, to the extent necessary, to protect privacy, in accordance with applicable law.
  • We do not disclose personally identifiable information to external parties, unless it is permitted or required by law.


The DCN Privacy Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring this policy is maintained.